Why you need a Facebook Page for your Small Business

Having a Facebook page can be immensely beneficial for your business. Facebook pages help you in developing your brand and reaching prospective clients. Here are some of the advantages of having a Facebook page for your small business.

Facebook Page

Learn about your customers:

Having a Facebook page for your business enables you to interact with and learn more about your customers. Your customers share their likes, interests, and activities on Facebook.  When someone likes your page or writes a comment, they are showing an interest in your company. With more shares and likes you can build a targeted marketing campaign.

Get Word of Mouth publicity:

When a person comments positively about your product or service, it generates goodwill for your business gains reputation like no other means of communication. The goodwill is something you won’t be able to buy even with a large marketing budget. People also tend to believe their friends and relatives, and word of mouth publicity is often more effective than big advertising campaigns.

Give a Human Face to your business

With a Facebook page for your business, you have the opportunity to give an identity to your business. Through your interactions, you can create a personality for your business and make people see the human side of your business.

Build a community

Facebook pages are an excellent way to bring together present customers and prospects on a common platform. Having your customers reviewing your business, sharing opinions, and voicing concerns can help in building a community. If you can bring people together using your Facebook page, you can be sure to grow your business to a new height.

Your competitors have a Facebook page:

Every day hundreds of Facebook pages are being created, and your competitor probably has a page already. Now more and more people are turning to social websites for information. If your tech savvy competitor already has a business page, you lose out on several probable customers who might have turned to you if they had known you existed.

As business pages are public pages, you can monitor your competitor’s activities on Facebook. Having an idea of how many posts they use to reach their audience, their message to the people and how the people respond.

Get Traffic to your Website

Having a Facebook page for your small business allows you to drive traffic to your website from within Facebook. If used correctly, you can get more visitors to your website from your business page on Facebook.

Facebook ads are customized to suit your requirements and budget. Facebook insight offers a lot of information that helps you understand more about your audience. With this input, you can create content that your customers and prospects enjoy. For small businesses, Facebook is a simple marketing tool to build your customers. It can also be a powerful way to expand your reach and increase awareness of your business online.